PBL 7: VR/AR in marketing communication

4 Valuable Opportunities for Augmented and Virtual Reality in B2B

1. Product Development and Prototyping

2.  Marketing Large Products

3. Communicating Complex Value Propositions

4. Trade Show and Events

Source: http://www.opteragroup.com/augmented-and-virtual-reality-in-b2b/

Examples of VR

  • Microsoft, Fragments: Gamified Storytelling


  • Ikea

Source: http://www.realitytechnologies.com/marketing

  • McDonald’s VR Happy Goggles


Source: http://blog.newstore.com/augmented-reality

  • Converse

Key VR Storytelling Lessons:

  • Subtly Guide Viewers Through Your Story

Source: https://www.ceros.com/blog/vr-storytelling-5-explorers-defining-next-generation-narrative/

The Art of Storytelling and Narrative in VR

Microsoft use of Augmented reality:

Addiction to a virtual world



Why Virtual Reality is Auto Marketing’s ‘Sleeping Giant’


  • Toyota agency in Los Angeles has a 35-person VR team that is developing virtual showrooms.
  • Infiniti, which began testing virtual reality last year is getting more aggressive, including striking a new ad deal with The New York Times that includes VR.
  • Mitsubishi is debuting a program allowing potential buyers to test features on its new Mirage G4 using their smartphone, a laptop, and an interactive video.

Autotrader found that 88% of shoppers would not buy a car unless they took it for a test drive, according to its latest «Car Buyer of the Future» study, which surveyed 4,002 consumers. 

  • Audi is rolling out VR systems at dealerships that allow customers to experience vehicles in various environments or to «virtually dive into specific parts of the vehicle and explore their technical design,»

Source:  http://adage.com/article/cmo-strategy/virtual-reality-auto-marketing-s-sleeping-giant/304995/

Mixed reality — A hybrid of both AR and VR, Mixed Reality (MR) is far more advanced than Virtual Reality because it combines the use of several types of technologies including sensors, advanced optics, and next-gen computing power.

Where it can be adopted?

Communication: Holoportation will allow device users in different cities or countries to sit and interact with each other in the same space virtually while remaining miles and miles apart.

Education: Below is an example created by Project Esper displaying how medical students will benefit and gain more comprehensive views and interactions with the human anatomy


Entertainment: Microsoft Hololens is working with the NFL to completely change the way fans can watch and interact with players, other fans, real-time game experiences and its advertisers and sponsors.



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