PBL 3: Branding

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Why and how to build a Brand identity?

  • What is the meaning of Brand identity?

A unique set of brand associations that the management intends to create or maintain.

The visible elements of a brand (such as colors, design, logotype, name, symbol) that together identify and distinguish the brand in the consumers’ mind — Business Dictionary.

  • How important is Brand identity?

According to Kotler, the brands are conditional assets. First, a brand is an intangible asset, also included in the balance sheet of a company. Second, a brand is a conditional asset, beneficial for a long-time period. Brands are thought to be conditional assets because they are able to bring value only in cooperation with other facilities and assets such as materials, production, services, etc.

  • How to design Brand identity?

«Some companies think that their brand building work is done when they have established a brand’s name and logo. True, they have developed the beginning of their brand’s identity. Their brand will have an identity on the shelves of the supermarket. Anyone going through a supermarket will see thousands of brand identities. And within any category, such as beers, one will see many identities. But they won’t mean much to customers who are uninformed.

A company should not start by setting the brand’s identity. The company should start by setting the brand’s purpose. Brand purpose answers the question of what job is the brand promising to accomplish for the buyer?


All cars will promise to get you from A to B. However if Volvo’s promise is the maximum safety, its car has established a category and an identify in that category. Volvo has positioned itself as a safe car. But what if another car manufacturer positions its new car as a safe car? Volvo and its new competitor will need to move to the next step, that of differentiationIf the competitor sets a much lower price on its car, it has established a differentiator. The competitor is offering a less expensive safe car. But it must think twice about doing this. Will a buyer who wants a safe car believe that the lower price safe car is as safe as the more expensive safe car?» (Philipp Kotler).

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What is the role of visual identity in branding?

  • What are key aspects of visual brand identity?


  • How does visual brand identity shape consumer response?

«Responsive design is also about context. Thus, simply streamlining or shrinking content on a page doesn’t suffice. Smaller and more intricate design details, such as the logos and icons, should be molded to follow similar contextual principles to ensure a truly responsive system. While individual elements are designed to adapt to varying constraints so that they cater to a medium, the most prominent brand element, the logo, is hardly designed with an air of digital awareness. Even though the medium calls for greater strategy and flexibility, websites have continued to implement their logos in a restrictive way. However, with Google breathing on the necks of businesses to go mobile-friendly, it’s impossible not to be apprehensive of how even the slightest of mistakes could earn your design the unsavory title of unresponsive.»

Responsive logo redesign

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  • Why is visual identity important for a business?

Distinguish the brand association / Create recognition / Be attractive and memorable / Represent the company / Communicate corporate position / Be in adequacy with the firm’s values

Importance of slogans

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How to measuring the brand perception?

  • What is a method of measuring the brand perception?

  1. The Honest Impression
  2. Shorten the Information Cycle
  3. Re-think the Definition of Research

  • What could be good examples of successful branding?



  • What are bad examples of branding?





Strategic brand management by Philip Kotler


http://www.marketingjournal.org/brand-purpose-to-beneficence-philip-kotler/ http://adelabiancahan.blogspot.fi/2015/09/visual-brand-identity.html



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